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MVM invests across the private life science sector and does not have any specific requirements as to stage of asset/company development or sub-sector focus. However, certain features are commonly found in MVM's portfolio companies:

  • a management team with experience, specific market knowledge and a rational analysis of risk and reward
  • strong and defensible IP
  • technological innovation
  • a clearly laid out pathway to value creation
  • large target market or unmet need

The development of early stage companies is a collaboration between founders, advisors, managers and capital providers. MVM is involved not only in financing companies but in helping entrepreneurs and founders to build sustainable enterprises.

The MVM team expects to contribute its know-how to the continuous review of strategy and focus that is inevitably required by an aggressively-run small technology company. In order to monitor its investment and participate in the company's development, MVM typically requires representation on the board of a portfolio company.

During a portfolio company's early development, MVM will advise on:

  • selection of key personnel
  • identification of complementary technology
  • commercialisation strategy
  • financing