Investment Approach

MVM seeks to fund healthcare innovation that enables the delivery of higher quality yet cost-effective medical care for the global markets.

We maintain stringent criteria for the selection of our portfolio companies. While not all of these criteria need be satisfied in every instance, they form the basis for MVM’s investment decisions:

• A portfolio company must have plans to commercialize technologies that address unmet medical needs for large market opportunities.

Unmet medical need may refer to a medical condition for which there is no adequate treatment, therapy is too expensive, diagnosis is inaccurate, or the side effects of treatment limit its use. It may also refer to situations where the cost of medical management is higher than payers are willing to meet, or where providers cannot deliver current care profitably.

• A portfolio company must have clearly differentiated technology that has strong prospects for durable protection against competition, provided by patents, high barriers to market entry (regulatory approval or a significant lead in development), statutory exclusivity or branding.

• A portfolio company must appreciate the importance of highly-skilled and talented managers capable of leading the company to achieve both near- and long-term milestones. In some instances, MVM may assist in recruiting experienced managers to augment the existing management team.

Further Information

Once MVM has completed due diligence to its initial satisfaction, the terms under which MVM is prepared to invest will be set out in writing. If terms are agreed, MVM will coordinate the preparation of definitive legal agreements and the completion of outstanding due diligence items.

Should you be interested in meeting the MVM team to discuss your business and its capital needs, please contact Hugo Harrod at or on +44 20 7557 7515 or Eric Bednarski at or on +1 617 383 2102.

Types of Investment

MVM is a growth equity investor that has a broad, global, investment remit including medical technology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics, life science tools, and digital health.

MVM focuses on the risk and return characteristics of an investment opportunity rather than the traditional criteria used to define healthcare investments. As such, we are not prescriptive with respect to sub-sector or therapeutic category.

Further Information

MVM does not have fixed criteria for investment size but we expect to make aggregate investments of $10 to 50 million (with capacity for larger investments in certain circumstances) in each of our portfolio companies over the lifetime of our holdings in the company.

MVM has the flexibility to invest in any investment security, including those of listed companies as well as debt instruments and MVM will consider investing in companies based anywhere in the world.